InstantTranlate - Select and Translate

Always at hand in the task bar

You can translate words and text between 100 languages at any time, since Instant Translate is always available in the task bar of your PC.

Instant Translator available for MacOS, Windows, iOS, Android and browsers
Instant Translate works with Windows 7+ (.NET Framework 4.0)

Available in task bar

At any time, you can open the app either by clicking on an icon in the tray or by using a shortcut.

A shortcut for quick access

You can create a shortcut to open the Instant Translate pop-up even faster.


Instant Translate can be started automatically as you switch on the computer.

Select and translate

You can also select text in any other app and then press the specified shortcut to open Instant Translate with translation of the selection.

Additional features

As any other Instant Translate app, Windows app translates between 100 languages, has dictionary and offline history, supports text-to-speech.