InstantTranlate - Select and Translate

Polyglot in the pocket

Perfect synchronizable offline history, text-to-speech, plenty of languages are really able to break the language barriers!

Instant Translate application for iPhone

Speech recognition

Translate voice! Just tap on a button and speak—Instant Translate recognizes human speech in over 40 languages. It’s like an ordinary translation, but you don’t need to type anything!

Select and translate

Instant Translate supports translation from the share menu. Thus, you can select text in e.g. Chrome browser click on the share icon and select Instant Translate in the menu to get a translation.


For each translation, you get a lot of synonyms and transliteration (transliteration for „你好“ is e.g. „Nǐ hǎo“).


Any word or text can be played back with the correct pronounciation. Speed of dictation is adjustable in settings.

Synchronizable history

All translations can be saved, so that in future you can browse and search through them.

History is located directly above the current translation. Thus, it is accessible in „one swipe“


If you accidentally try to translate a miss-spelled word, Instant Translate will understand it and translate as a correct one!

104 languages

Incredible amount of languages is always with you.

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