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One translator, all devices

Instant Translate is the best way to break language barriers—either at work, during a journey or while communicating with friends.

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104 languages

With Instant Translate, you can translate between 104 languages on all devices!

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For each translation, you get a lot of synonyms and transliteration (for „你好“ it is e.g. „Nǐ hǎo“).


Any word can be played back with the correct pronunciation.

Synchronizable history

All translations can be saved, so that in future you can browse and search through them.

Available for all devices

We provide free Instant Translate versions for all major browsers and mobile phones. And although versions for Mac OS X and Windows are paid, we have free 30-day trial versions. Just try it and you won’t be able to hesitate anymore!

Instant Translator available for MacOS, Windows, iOS, Android and browsers